BerenBerg Cash

BerenBerg Cash is a dynamic rewards elastic to supply coin pegged to the value of $UNI. Holders get exposure to the performance of the whole uniswap market and also dividends from every buy/sell/transaction from the $BBC/ETH market.


$BBC rebase is pegged to total Uniswap liquidity at 1:10B ratio.
As TVL in Uniswap increases, the price target would increase and visa versa


Dividends is based off the total Uniswap pairs increasing as more Uniswap pairs/pools are made in the overall uniswap ecosystem.
The dividends are awarded by the smart contract and are immediately reflected in the holders balance, you don’t need to stake/deposit into anything.
For every transaction, a fee would be paid to all holders, distributed as dividends. The fee % is tied to Uniswap number of pairs by 1:10000 ratio

The data for Uniswap TVL and #pairs can be found at — Uniswap Info

Total Supply — 10 million $BBC

Presale — 6 million $BBC

50k $BBC per eth

120 eth cap

Listing price

50k $BBC per eth

Presale will be held at 6pm UTC on January 18,2021 @


Rewards driven dividend token pegged to UNI coin.

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Berenberg Cash

Berenberg Cash

Rewards driven dividend token pegged to UNI coin.

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